Thursday, December 22, 2011

Flowers Gallery~ 花の物語~ (S to Z)

Name dan meaning of flowers~ (S)
Sunflower (Tall) Pride, False riches
Sunflower (Dwarf) Adoration
Snowdrop Consolation, Hope
Snapdragon Strength, Gracious lady
Satin-Flower Sincerity
Spider Flower Elope with me
Sweet-William Gallantry, Grant me one smile
Sweet Pea Thank you for a lovely time, Blissful pleasure, Departure, Good-by
Star of Bethlehem Reconciliation, Atonement

Name dan meaning of flowers~ (T)
Tulip (General) Fame, Perfect lover, Flower Emblem of Holland
Tulip (Yellow) Hopeless love, There's sunshine in your smile
Tulip (Variegated) Beautiful eyes
Tulip (Red) Declaration of love, Believe me
Thornapple I dreamed of thee
Tuberose Dangerous pleasures
Teasel Misanthropy
Trumpet Flower Separation

Name dan meaning of flowers~ (V)
Valerian Accommodating disposition
Verbena Sensibility, Pray for me
Violet (White) Let´s take a chance
Violet (Blue) Love, Faithfulness, Watchfulness
Virgin's-Bower Artifice
Venus Flytrap Caught at Last
Viscaria Will you dance with me?
Veronica Fidelity
Vervain Enchantment

Name dan meaning of flowers~ (W)
Water Lily Purity of heart
Water Lily (Yellow) Growing indifference
Water Lily (White) Eloquence
Wallflower Lasting beauty, Fidelity, Faithful in adversity
Wisteria Welcome
Windflower Sincerity, Love, Abandonment
Witch Hazel A spell
Wood-Sorrel Joy
Whortleberry Treachery

Name dan meaning of flowers~ (X)
Xeranthemum Cheerful in adversity

Name dan meaning of flowers~ (Y)
Yarrow Healing, Health
Yew Sadness
Zinnia Thoughts of absent friends
Zinnia (Yellow) Daily remembrance
Zinnia (Magenta) Lasting Affection
Zinnia (White) Goodness
Zinnia (Scarlet) Constancy
Zephyranthrus Fond Caresses

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